Monday, December 1, 2008

Lu hearts Wheezy, more embroidery and Tallulah Missoula

Tallulah has been working on her relationship with Wheezy. Sometimes it's been a bit heartbreaking to watch. Lu loves Wheezy so much, follows her around, tries to pat her, talks to her in 'dog-talk', and hands over large amounts of her own food in bribes, but for the most part it's been a one-way street. Wheezy has been very jealous of Lu. And the baby gates limiting her access to the house hasn't helped much either. But through the medium of food, a tentative truce has been fostered. Lu gives Wheezy her crackers, snack bars, teething biscuits, bits of toast and sometimes even holds out her own mucky spoon, and Wheezy responds by tolerating her presence with only minimal grumbling. I can't wait for the day they really begin to play together and Wheezy realizes Lu is her very best friend.

Mom gave me this fantastic embroidery book so I started learning some new stitches. 100 stitches! I never knew there were so many! Some of these are really complicated. Almost ridiculously so... But I'll give 'em a go!
I also made a new organic onesie for my 'Women in Aviation' series. This is the Seversky AP-7 as flown by Jackie Cochran in 1938 when she became the first woman to win the Bendix Trophy by finishing in a record breaking 8 hours, 10 minutes, averaging over 250mph. That must have seemed like light speed in 1938!

Lu has been hard at work practicing for her new band... The band that has only been formed in my mind. I'm thinking of an indie-ized version of Hanna Montana. How about Tallulah Missoula?
Instead of being the daughter of a super famous country singer, making millions with her own music, Lu will be the daughter of me and Stew and probably loose money making vinyl records and handmade stuff, just like we do! The other day Stew said that in order to rebel against us when she's a teenager she'll probably have to become a super conservative, executive, right-wing republican or something. Maybe wear power suits and pearls?

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harold hollingsworth said...

I'll help out on guitars or keyboard if needed?