Monday, November 24, 2008

Big sky view, new airplane, and a blue scooter

Our friend Chuck arrived last night from NYC and is staying with us through Thanksgiving. One brave vegetarian to risk Thanksgiving on a cattle ranch.

This morning Lu and I drove Chuck around the ranch some and showed him one of our favorite views of the San Francisco Peaks. Then Lu promptly fell asleep for her morning nap.

Last night I finished sewing the first of my "Women in Aviation" series of organic onesies. This is a Lockheed Vega, about a 1927-28 model I think. Similar to the Vega 5B flown by Amelia Earhart on her famous transatlantic solo flight, but hers had slightly different detailing over the front wheels; a sort of space-age, aerodynamic cowling over the wheels.

This is another 'round the corner' design which crosses the side seam under the left arm.

I really love these organic onesies I got from Zee Spot. Super soft with fantastic colors. Kind of makes the 2 and a half month wait worth while. I'll remember to place a much bigger order next time now that I know how long it takes.

Here is the back detailing with the babyracer logo done all in green instead of the usual rainbow of colors. I thought it looked a bit more demure for this particular onesie.

And here is the completed blue version of the 'round the corner' vespa. I think I'll try it on the organic onesies next.

Coming soon: Organic Bamboo Christmas Scarves!

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