Friday, November 14, 2008

Early Christmas

Stew and I ordered a tiny pink drumkit for Tallulah for Christmas, and predictably when it arrived yesterday Stew immediately ripped open the boxes, put on the heads, tuned it, and set it up for Lu to try. So much for waiting till Christmas. But she absolutely loves it!!! She kept trying to get into it and help while Stew was setting it up so I took her out to hang with the horses. Horses can distract her from anything. Once it was set up, Stew put her on the stool and away she went, banging rhythmically on every drum except the kick drum because her feet can't quite reach the kick pedal when she sits on the stool.

So Stew took her off the stool after awhile and taught her to use the kick pedal while standing up. She took to that right away too!

It looks like she is right handed, hitting more often with the right, but she's also really good at hitting two drums at once!

She was so excited about the drum kit that she absolutely refused to go down for a nap, which made her a very grumpy girl. Even when she was too tired to sit up and play, she still held onto the sticks.

Take a look at this move- both sticks in one little hand. What a grip!

This morning when she woke up, the first thing she wanted to do after getting a fresh diaper, before even getting dressed or eating breakfast was get back to her drum kit. Here she is singing while playing drums. Hopefully she'll take after her Dad more than Phil Collins, as far as singing drummers go.

She even managed to get one foot up on the bass drum while she was playing, very casual. I guess I can always decorate the kit for Christmas instead of wrapping it.


joshua said...


That is the cutest thing ever. I've got some photos of Lula wearing headphones at Boyracer's sound check in Athens, also adorable.

We'll miss ya'll at PopMayhem this year. Don't you want to make it a yearly Florida visit, for us?

kidfrostbite said...

unbelievably cute - perhaps the perpetual search for the ideal boyracer drummer has ended!