Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mod baby UK bound!

So last night Lu wanted to help me start getting packed to go to England this week. We got out the pink polka-dotted suitcase set and set to work. After a bit she decided she'd rather ride in the suitcase than deal with all the security hassels at the gate. Luckily she was already camoflauged in her own polka-dot PJs.

This morning Lu felt like dancin'! She tried to get Wheezy into the act, but Wheezy was a wallflower and prefered to watch. In th spirit of going to England we got Lu all geared up in her best Mod Gear.
How about these awesome English flag shoes? Uncle Eric Stoess gave her those. Smashing!
BTW- that bullseye onesie is available on

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