Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Photos!

Our good friend and great photographer Tamlyn Corr took some holiday photos of the girls for me the other day. Tamlyn has taken the best photos we have of both girls, especially Lu who has a very hard time looking right at the camera.

Or rather we have a very hard time getting her to look at it. I think it's the flash she doesn't like. Tamlyn is good about aiming the flash up away from Lu's face, but it is still a very hard hour or two of work to get just a couple of shots with Lu looking anywhere near the camera. But anyway, here are a few of the best.

Myffy on the other hand has no problem looking right at the camera. She seems to really enjoy being photographed. And she is pretty photogenic if I do say so myself.

Ok, now that I look through these again I realize that there isn't even one where Lu is actually looking right into the lens, but hey, she's cute in all of these and we'll take what we can get!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Mary said...

The pictures of your girls (and Stew!!!) are fabulous! And I really am enjoying your posts. I wish I could put my thoughts into words as well as you do. Thank you for helping to keep us up-to-date with you. We'll talk soon. xxxooo

David said...

Tamlyn is undoubtedly a gifted photographer, but hey, you have to admit the subject matter is pretty wonderful too (not that being the girls' grandparents makes us in the tiniest bit biased). They're absolutely gorgeous.
Love to you all, Vicki and

boy moritz said...

So frigging cute. Great stuff Jen.

Stroller Strides Flagstaff said...

your girls are beautiful!!!