Monday, December 6, 2010

Children's Book Christmas Ideas!

So I'm trying out this Amazon Gadget because I kind of miss that 'Now Playing' or reading feature from myspace (one of the few things I miss about myspace), and I've also been doing some online Christmas shopping in the last couple of days.  So I'll admit it up front, I know and really like both Jen Corace and Nikki McClure, but they have not asked me to advertise their books or anything.  I just think they are great and that lots of kids will like them.

To be honest, the Little Pea book in this box set is not Lu's favorite book.  It's all about food and she's not really into food.  But the Little Hoot and Little Oink books are some of her most favorite books.  So cute.  A baby owl who doesn't want to stay up late at night, but has to because that's what owls do, and a very neat and tidy little pig who has to make a mess like the other pigs.  It's a nice way to look at going to bed early and cleaning up your room.

I had a hard time deciding which Nikki McClure book to put in the gadget here.  They are all so wonderful!  Take a look at all of her books if you have a chance.  I'm sure one of them will work for someone on your Christmas list.  I've given the first 1000 days book to several friends when their children are born as well as some of the other kids books.

Ok, enough nudging from me to buy books that I like for your kids!  Hope everyone has great luck with the Christmas shopping and gift making.  Last year I vowed to try to make as many gifts as I could this year, but with one thing and another (mainly one child and another) I just haven't had time, so I've been trying to buy gifts like books, music, and handmade items as much as I can.  Love handmade stuff!

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