Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lu + Preschool = we all get sick every other week

So you know how I said yesterday that Lu passed out in my arms at Music Class? Well, that does sometimes happen due to her extreme sleep depravation from her sleep disorder, but I think this time it was her body giving up the fight against some virus or sickness floating around that made it's presence known today.

Lu did really well in therapy this morning but refused to eat breakfast and hardly touched lunch. Then she curled up and fell asleep on her Toy Story fuzzy blanket while we were trying to Skype with her therapist. She roused herself to go to preschool, but as soon as we got there it was obvious that she wasn't doing well. Normally she runs straight over to the spot where all her favorite toys are for free-play time while everyone arrives. Today she asked for 'hug!' aka 'carry me', halfway down the hall to her classroom and didn't want me to put her down when we got inside. She has seemed a bit cold and clammy in the car, but in the classroom she was suddenly hot, clung onto me and made little moans. I didn't even get her out of her jacket. I just told the teacher I'd be taking her home to rest. A real shame too since there was a field trip to Warner's Nursery today which still had it's hay maze up from Halloween and everything. I think Lu would have really enjoyed it normally. But not today. She threw up in the car as we pulled away. Poor Lu. There are times when it just doesn't seem fair that she has to struggle so much with so many things.

And it seems like Myffers has caught whatever it is too. She hasn't thrown up yet, but she got cold and clammy for a bit too and seemed really uncomfortable and it was difficult to get her down for the night. Poor little thing. Which means that the rest of us will probably catch it soon too and pass it back and forth again for a few days. It really does seem that since Lu started preschool we've all gotten sick a lot more often than we ever have before. But I think everyone always says that, don't they? And who knows, maybe it'll just be one of those 24 hour things and both girls will be miraculously recovered by morning with no further consequence. Let's hope so.

Stew just leaned over my shoulder to look at the title of my post and to tell me that people don't like to read about bad news all of the time. I suppose he's right. I actually feel like I post good news fairly frequently, but then maybe my view is a bit skewed. Anyway, both girls are sleeping sweetly and soundly right at this very moment, so I think I will go try to catch up on sleep myself.

Hope all 10 of my followers out there are doing great. Thanks for reading guys! Even when it is not the best of news.

Love, Jen

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