Friday, August 24, 2012

Autism Service Dog Boot Camp

I keep thinking that any day now I am going to have this magical day when I have lots of free time to go through all of the amazing photos that Brian from AZ Goldens took of Lu and Dahanna during the two week Boot Camp when he was in our house in June and then go back and write a really thorough and in depth post about how hard and frustrating and amazing and brilliant the whole experience was for us as a family and for Lu and Dahanna in particular. But days and weeks and months have passed now, and just in case I don't get around to doing the post I really want to do soon, I at least wanted to post this fantastic video that Brian put together from some of the footage and photos that he took while he was here. There was a lot more to boot camp than what is in this clip, and I do hope to write more about it soon, but for now I hope that this will give all those of you who helped us get Dahanna for Lu an idea of how much this has meant to us all:

I told Brian that I thought AZ Goldens shouldn't advertise as just a service dog provider, they should let people know about all of the other things he does for the families they serve: service dog provider/trainer, personal photographer, handyman, consumer reports, family/marriage counselor, and much much more. I have really been floored by the level of service AZ Goldens provides and the true interest they take in the well being of their dogs and the families they are placed with. We have been so lucky to work with them and I would recommend them to anyone.

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