Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fundraising Video and Thank You CDs!

Arizona Goldens put together a video from the visits we had with dogs at the hotel while we were in Phoenix in December and the home visit when they brought Booth up from Phoenix to visit us in Flagstaff. This was filmed shortly after Christmas.

We were down in Phoenix again this past week and Lu had an amazing time meeting several more dogs, taking walks outside with the dogs and even visiting a very large and busy mall with the dogs! I think that she has gotten really used to the routine now of meeting a dog each night when we stay in the Phoenix hotel. She was much less upset by them coming over each night and it took her much less time to calm down, get interested and start to interact with the dogs. I didn't manage to take a single photo during that time because Myffy was grouchy and ill and had a difficult week in Phoenix so I was mostly managing her during the visits, but I will ask Brain from AZ Goldens to send us some of the photos he took so I can do another post about all of the progress that Lu has already been making with meeting all of these wonderful dogs!

I also wanted to report that Stew's Fundraising Retrospective Cds just arrived last night so we will start sending them out to everyone who has donated $25 or more to Tallulah's fundraising site (www.servicedogfortallulah.info) and for whom we also have an email address and mailing address. If you have already donated, please send us a message to make sure that we have your address! YouCaring.com said that they can release the addresses of people who have donated only at the very end of the fundraiser once all of the funds have been collected, so if we do not hear from you before that time, we will contact you at the very end.

Thank you again to everyone who has donated and who has reposted the link to the fundraising website. As of today we have so far raised $12,632 which is 70.18% of the $18,000 goal from 195 supporters. I have told Stew a few times during this process that it has felt kind of like that part at the end of It's A Wonderful Life when all of George Bailey's friends and family come rushing to his aide unexpectedly. It's been really overwhelming, the outpouring of love and support for Tallulah and our family. I hope that there will come a time when we can repay each and everyone of you in some way and make you all feel as loved and special as your support has made us feel. Thank you all so much.

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