Monday, January 23, 2012

Relaunch of the Babyracer Etsy Store

Back in 2008 I first started this blog as a craft blog connected with my babyracer etsy store. I was trying to adjust to life staying at home with an infant out on our ranch where I was very isolated. I mean really isolated. And I'd always loved doing crafts, so I started crafting, posting things on etsy, and doing the blog along side. The focus of the blog shifted when Lu was diagnosed and I didn't feel like I could spend time on crafting. But now I've decided to reopen my etsy store to try to help raise money to get Tallulah's Autism Service Dog. 

My kids have a lot of cute clothes and they seem to grow out of them so very quickly. I saved all of Lu's clothes because we knew we wanted at least one more baby, and even though we put aside thoughts of a third child after Lu's diagnosis, I still saved all of Myffy's baby clothes too.

Which is a good thing because I've decided to make my new project upcycling all of the best, cutest and least worn clothes into fun new pieces for other kids to enjoy. I'm trying to do it with only the craft supplies and the clothes that I already have so I won't be putting any money into it that could be going to the dog, and any money we get out of it will go to the dog. And we'll all be saving the planet a tiny bit by reusing clothes that still have a lot of good wear in them.

I wouldn't have imagined that I would be able to find the time to do this project, but the upside of Lu's recent incessant sleeplessness has been that I have had this strange time in the middle of the night during which I can't really do anything that requires real thought (like my taxes say) but I have found a real meditative solace in sitting beside her stitching while she colors and plays in the dead of night. The pictures shown are some of the projects from these nights.

It's kind of a slow process day by day, but I hope you will check out the store and come back again from time to time to see what else I have been able to get in there. I'll try to keep putting more and more items in as I find the time and come up with new little designs. Everything that has been upcycled is in the upcycled section. Thanks for looking and thank you for your support!

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