Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Myffy and MSG

Back in October, just after we first moved in to the new house, we had two waves of Australian visitors, the second of which included the Mia Schoen Group (aka MSG). The Mia Schoen Group played with us (one more of Boyracer's many last shows, and a surprise showing of The Young Untold since Ara was in town to play with Boyracer) at Mia's Lounge in Flagstaff. The show was great fun and it was so good to get to spend time with old friends. The kids loved having so many people around and so much happening every day.

The video above is Myffy's audition to join the group as they were setting up to rehearse. What do you think? Should she get in? Or maybe she should form a band of her own! I always thought that Lu would eventually do Tallulah Missoula, like Hanna Montana. Maybe we need a sisters group for the two of them instead!


Dan Cook said...

I think she's way past subjecting herself to auditions. She should start her own band, Myffy Archer!

tamlyn corr said...

She looks so at home with the band, what a girl.