Friday, November 4, 2011


Lu loves dressing up. She loves her ballet clothes with frothy tutus. She likes princess dresses. So of course I thought, she'll love Halloween. But I should probably know by now that when I set up an expectation like that, something is bound to go wrong. Lu did not like Halloween. She did not like it at all. She only stayed dressed up for about 20 minutes, refused the gluten free/ dairy free pizza that she is now allowed to have from Picazzo's Pizza and spent the entire evening somewhere between quietly weeping and loudly crying. Finally, after we were out of candy, turned off the lights and went to bed, she whimpered herself to sleep as we cuddled. I think it was just too much, too confusing and I think she kept thinking that I was going to leave her. Chock that one up to a good lesson. Hopefully next year we can find a way to make it feel safer and be more fun for her. Myffy and Wheezy had fun dressing up at least.

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tamlyn corr said...

How much fun! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing you soon, I hope.