Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tallulah's First Ride

Tallulah is completely obsessed with horses.  And anything that looks vaguely like a horse (zebras, mules, donkeys, deer, etc.).  She can watch Black Beauty and National Velvet over and over without losing an ounce of enthusiasm for every run, jump, and movement each horse makes.  When The Pie jumps over the fences at the Grand National, Lu's little feet leave the ground and she squeals with delight.  She hardly ever leaves the house without some sort of horse toy clutched tightly in her hand for the car ride and sometimes refuses to put her horse down to eat.  Unfortunately we don't trust any of our ranch horses with our little Lu, but our neighbors Jason and Melissa have a three year old daughter named Wren and a very gentle mule named Jesse and they very kindly invited Lu for a ride.  So here it is, her very first real ride!

I think we're going to have to get her involved in the local Pony Club soon so she can get some lessons and meet some other horse-obsessed kids!  I looked at one of the websites and they had pictures of a 3 year old riding by himself.  And I was happy to see that they train for both English and Western events.  I figure Lu should learn both since she's half English and half American.  Maybe a bit of barrel racing mixed with some English Pleasure?  And now that I finally figured out how to upload video clips as well as photos (thanks to my lovely little Mac) I can try to keep up to date with my blog more often!

Love from the LowDown,
Jen, Stew and little Lu

PS- Nearly 4 weeks and counting to New Baby Day!

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